VET4Start-UP ERASMUS+ project event


Part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Malta, Ascend Consulting is coorganising with TR Associates Ltd. the Malta multiplier event of  the VET4Start-UP Erasmus+ project (, event that will take place in SmartCity Malta on 7th of November 2016.

The EU funded VET4Start-UP project seeks to address the challenges of unemployment and the of return to economic growth following the recent global recession, and this through the perspective of Vocational and Educational Training support of startups and entrepreneurs.  A start-up activity is difficult and high risk however, with more than 50% of new businesses failing within the first 5 years. Although a strong and well-performing VET can help deal with the challenge faced by start-ups in today’s really competitive economy, to date there has been a lack of anticipation of skill requirements and formative routes for new entrepreneurs. As a pan-European strategic partnership project, VET4Start-UP encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship via several activities but mainly by imparting skills in a new form and content-set.  The project aims to educate and train anyone interested in start-ups thanks to a new e-learning platform MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and other useful and tailor-made materials and resources. VET4Start-UP seeks to improve the level of key competences and skills needed by new entrepreneurs through Vocational and Educational Training.

The aim of this multiplier event is to share the outcomes and results of the project within the Maltese start-up ecosystem, particularly amongst new and would-be entrepreneurs, VET and business stakeholders, thus contributing to further stimulating and supporting successful Maltese entrepreneurship and economic growth.

This one day event will be focused to sharing not only the results of VET4Star-tup project but also the experiences of a group of senior experts and other projects working towards the further improvement of knowledge, skills and competences of startuppers and entrepreneurs. From ideation to commercialisation, funding and communication techniques (“world cafe” or “pitching”), testing of the MOOC platform and checking the SkillCatch rapid learning free authoring tools, all these are part of our agenda for the day (see below programme details).

The participation in this event is free of charge, but prior registration is required by latest 1st of November 2016 by contacting the organisers:

  • Raymond Borg, on email or skype: rayborg,
  • Tunde Kallai, on email or skype: tkallai,
  • Anamaria  Magri Pantea on email or skype: anamariapantea.

Welcome and Registration  

From 8.30
Session 1.  (Moderator: Raymond Borg, European Startup Advisor)1.1. What is VET4Start-Up  Erasmus project? Objectives, actions, innovation, services – Video message from Dr Peppino Franco, project coordinator, EURO-Net, Potenza, Italy1.2.  – Short introduction of HP-Life UNIDO training program by Mrs Nejiba Bouzaiane Khalfallah,  InfoDev –UNIDO, Entrepreneurship Expert  (Tunis, Tunisia) 9:00–11:10
1.3.TOOLS AND PLATFORMS TO FUNDING STARTUPS (Crowdfunding) : Global overview  (Tunde Kallai)
1.4. – STARTUP INCUBATION –  How to prepare my project to the crowd? – Interactive session (Tunde Kallai)
1.5. – THE STARTUP SUPPORT ECOSYSTEM in Malta – (Anamaria Magri Pantea)

                                     Coffee Break                                                               11:10

Session 2 : Creative thinking and World Coffee methodology (Nejiba Bouzaiane Khalfallah  – Tunde Kallai – Anamaria Magri Pantea) 11:30 –12:30
World coffee team 1 : From Ideation  to Commercialisation  (Nejiba Bouzaiane Khalfallah)
World coffee team  2 : ICT tools (Open design, FabLab)  (Tunde Kallai)
World coffee team 3 : “My first company”- Business aspects   (Annamaria Magri Pantea)

Jump into the Elevator pitch´- how to do?                              


                                        Lunch                                                                     12:30 -13:45

Session 3: VET4Startup MOOCs (test , content creation and evaluation) for  start-ups/spin-offs   and  HP-LIFE UNIDO  project summary and results                   13:45 – 16:00
3.1. : “ICT tools  in the Start-up business development” – VET4Startup MOOC  training course test and evaluation (Tunde Kallai)
3.2. : HP-Life  UNIDO Training program  findings  on the base of  the results of the trained 100 entrepreneurs and trainees   (Nejiba Bouzaiane Khalfallah)
3.3.  “My first MOOC” – mini-learning start-up course /Co-creative mini-learning course creation via Skill Catch , the first mobile MOOC authoring system  (Tunde Kallai)

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