February 12, 2014

Wider network access

Operating based on a model of open collaboration with a number of other specialist consultants, Ascend Consulting offers a one-stop-shop approach in business and management consulting, providing the client with other professional services through a trusted network of collaborators, for example in the fields of:

  • corporate services – legal, accounting, financial, audit, etc.
  • internationalisation and soft landing in different countries in Europe and beyond,
  • spatial planning – applicable in the case of large property developments needing to take into account various economic, social, environmental and transportation considerations,
  • quality assurance – ISO certification consultancy and training,
  • transport and logistics – consultancy and training,
  • international maritime law.

In this sense, Ascend Consulting is also a member of TAP Knowledge Network – an open collaboration structure consiting of over 15 complementary specialist consultants from Malta, Italy, Austria, UK, as well as the Malta Node coordinator of the Women Web Entrepreneur Hubs European network (WeHubs). Moreover, Anamaria Magri Pantea is also a member of 100 Women in Finance international network.

Through these and other collaborations, Ascend Consulting able to tap into a large pool of management consulting and business support expertise, when and as necessary, according to the requirements of the client engagement at hand.

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