February 12, 2014

Business development

Supporting companies and organisations in planning and implementing most appropriate business development strategies, be it in terms of existing business activity and market position consolidation, investments for the provision of new products / services, their delivery through eCommerce or for addressing new markets and segments, by:

  • undertaking organisation, operations, processes and systems reviews,
  • performing feasibility studies for new investments and projects,
  • assisting in the preparation of business plans,
  • providing independent reviews of market perception, customer satisfaction levels and expectations,
  • performing market research studies for new technologies, products and services,
  • identifying, analysing and prioritising relevant new markets and potential clients,
  • advising on and planning the deployment of the most appropriate specific business development activities to be undertaken for each new product/service or market,
  • facilitating internationalisation, outreach to and acquisition of potential clients , particularly in markets in Central and South Eastern Europe, also in the Middle East and North Africa,
  • defining, structuring and coordinating the needed marketing and sales activities.
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