Free training opportunity


Part of the Digital Bootcamps and Events 2023 initiative of eSkills Malta Foundation, Ascend Consulting will be delivering a number of free trainings in Challenge-based entrepreneurial and innovative thinking for current and future ICT / digital sector professionals.


This activity is intended to follow upon and address some of the findings of the Malta ICT Skills Demand and Supply Monitor 2021 and the related stakeholders discussion organised by eSkills Malta Foundation in March 2023. Specifically, the need to improve entrepreneurial, problem solving and teamwork skills in the current workforce and new hires in the ICT / Digital sector.

For whom?

This training is thus targeted at both industry players and educational organisations in the ICT / Digital sector, specifically at leaders and employees on one hand, and students following ICT related studies on the other hand. The trainings will be organised separately for these two different target groups.


Structured as a 6-hours training, these trainings will clarify and instil through a hands-on, interactive workshop style, a number of core transversal skills, such as entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

While some theoretical concepts will be provided on different types of innovation and innovative thinking, the training content and the delivery approach will be focused on providing participants with practical tools and application opportunities, enabling them to work with others to:

  • Identify, analyse and prioritise specific problems and challenges faced within the ICT / Digital sector, or others that could be addressed through digitalisations.
  • To propose, analyse, shortlist, trial and evaluate digital solutions to such problems.
  • To initiate and contribute to the planning and implementation of wider deployment of such digital solutions by identifying the resources and channels needed in this sense.
  • To envisage and structure new businesses around the delivery of such solutions.

In order to make the trainer’s guidance as specific and relevant as possible, these trainings will be organised for a group of students or employees from the same organisation, people who already know each other and can thus easier learn together in teams.

A target number of 5-10 participants per training is also intended to ensure the active involvement of all participants, as well as the formation of teams of 2-4 persons that would work in parallel on different digital challenges and/or solutions.


Ascend Consulting will be organising such trainings over the period October to mid December 2023. As these are envisaged be done in-house, at the premises of the beneficiary ICT / digital organisations, the exact dates are to be agreed with the selected beneficiaries.

Who does what?

Trainers, training programme, content, materials and attendance certificates will be provided by Ascend Consulting, free of charge to the selected beneficiaries, thanks to the sponsorship of eSkills Malta Foundation. The main trainer will be Anamaria Magri Pantea, an entrepreneurship and innovation expert with extensive training, coaching and consulting experience across Europe.

Selected beneficiary ICT organisations (companies or educational bodies) are expected to provide in-kind contribution by offering a convenient venue and equipment (projector and screen) for the training, announce it to their staff or students, register, select and ensure the participation of the target number of 5-10 students to the training programme.


Maltese ICT organisations (companies or educational bodies) interested to benefit of one such free training are required to express as soon as possible their interest and motivation by emailing Anamaria Magri Pantea, Ascend Consulting Managing Consultant, on Selection of a total of four beneficiary organisations will be based on their submitted expressed need and motivation.

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