February 29, 2024


Our EnCycLEd project, standing for Enhancing Cybersecurity Literacy in Education, is a European Union co-funded project under the Erasmus+ programme.

The project aims to support mainstreaming of digital transformation by promoting digital readiness in cybersecurity, resilience and capacity building of educational institutions. To achieve this, the project will promote cybersecurity literacy and awareness and train students, schoolteachers and other teaching professions to develop key digital skills and competences. All this, by drawing on the high-level expertise of the education and cybersecurity experts, as well as the digital careers development support experience of the project partners.

EnCycLEd is being implemented over the period December 2023 to November 2026 by a consortium of 9 partners from across Malta, Austria, Germany, Greece and Ukraine. Besides us at Ascend Consulting, we have Innsbruck University and REACH Innovation from Austria, Heidelberg University from Germany, University of Macedonia and the American Farm School Post Secondary Educational and Training Association from Greece, as well as the Ukrainian Academy of Cybersecurity, the Science Entrepreneurship Technology University and “Kyiv Vocational College with Enhanced Military and Physical Training” from Ukraine.

Through its various activities, this project will:

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop the basic cybersecurity and digital resilience skills, hence creating a key competence profile for their future professional and social life, as well as to learn about various professional roles and study pathways they could pursue towards a career in cybersecurity.
  • Endow school-teachers, as well as educators in formation, with knowledge and tools, which can be further integrated and used in their pedagogical toolbox across various subjects (not just in IT, but also communication, civic studies, home economics, etc.)

Specifically, we will work on developing:

  • White Paper on Cybersecurity Awareness in European schools
  • Personal Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
  • Cybersecurity Careers and Study Pathways Guide
  • Teachers Training Toolkit
  • e-Learning Platform and Resources Repository

Around the end of 2025, part of a training workshop in Malta, we plan to introduce all these educational tools to a number of school teachers and educators in formation, who will then pilot them with their students. The results of the piloting, and the entire set of teaching and career guidance materials and tools, will be then disseminated wider across the project partner countries and beyond.

So, if cybersecurity literacy is of interest to you, learn more about the project at www.encycled.eu and stay up to date on our project news by following our social media channels!

And if you would like to be involved in piloting in Malta, drop us an email on anamaria@ascendconsulting.eu. We look forward to hear from you!

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