Support under Malta Enterprise Business Re-engineering Scheme

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to businesses needing to make numerous changes in the way they operate in order to manage and cope with the challenges brought by the pandemic. From changes in their operations, customer interaction and delivery channels, to shifts in their product/service offering and target customer segments, or even overhaul of their entire business model and enabling assets framework.

Some businesses have already started making such changes. However, many others, particularly small enterprises, need professional assistance to explore new technological solutions, operational and business models, to rethink, re-engineer and innovate their businesses, and to devise actionable business plans for the financing and implementation of all necessary transformations. But financial resources to pay for professional advice are often also in short supply during these times.

If you are an enterprise in such situation, don’t lose hope – we and Malta Enterprise can help!

Malta Enterprise will be providing up to €5,000 for every business that needs to embark on a re-engineering exercise and does this with  approved professional advisors like those in our team. For more information on the application process you can refer here or contact us on Looking forward to hearing from you and being of assistance!

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