Startup Europe Week 2017 Malta event

Women web-entrepreneurship in Malta

round-table discussion and networking of stakeholders –

Date: Thursday 9th February 2017, 14:15 – 17:30

Location: MITA Data Centre, St. Venera

In the framework of Startup Europe Week 2017, this event is organised by Ascend Consulting – the representative of Women web-entrepreneurs Hubs European Network in Malta, with the support of MITA Innovation Hub and Malta Communications Authority, two key stakeholders in stimulating digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Malta.

The scope of the event is to bring around the table all Maltese stakeholders interested in and/or involved in the promotion, facilitation, support or actual implementation of women web-entrepreneurship, for:

  • An introduction to the Startup Europe Week initiative and the European Women Web-Entrepreneurs Hubs (WeHubs) network;
  • Creating a common understanding of the scope of web-entrepreneurship, that is not just about coding and typical ICT-based solutions, but also e-Commerce and other digitally enabled business models;
  • Discussing the current women web-entrepreneurship situation in Malta, the interest, challenges and support needs faced by current, previous and aspiring women web-entrepreneurs;
  • Raising awareness and understanding of the role, current activities and potential further contributions towards increased women web-entrepreneurship in Malta of all present stakeholders;
  • Identifying and summarising key points of action and next steps ahead to further promote, stimulate and support women web-entrepreneurship, to be then translated into an Action Manifesto to serve as a base for development of future projects and initiatives in this sense.

The expected participants are the representatives of the business, women and education communities, incubators, co-working and networking spaces, women web-entrepreneurs (current, previous or aspiring ones), experienced ICT/digital entrepreneurs, business owners and managers that can act as role models and mentors, business angels and other finance providers, other entrepreneurship promoters and supporters, including the media.

Participation is free of charge. However due to seating restrictions, prior registration is required on Eventbrite.

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