90,000 euro EU funding for piloting innovative applications integrating IoT and social networking aspects

The EU funded RADICAL project is calling for additional partners, offering them up to EUR90,000 for the piloting of innovative applications and services in the framework of the Smart City paradigm supported by Internet of Things and Social Networks technologies.

RADICAL enables the rapid development, deployment and adoption of sustainable socially-aware and intelligent sensing services for emerging smart cities. Internet of Things and Social Networking technologies are being leveraged to this end. The RADICAL services belong to the areas of Cycling Safety, Green Products Management, Data Journalism, Participatory Urbanism, Augmented Reality and Eco‐consciousness.

This application service facilitation platform is now offered to SME integrators and city authorities for the purpose of rapidly deploying added-value services in the smart cities. The selected applications and services are expected to stimulate, demand and enrich the RADICAL platform, with fresh ideas and innovative approaches.

The up to 90,000 euro will be allocated across two pilot services, each to be implemented by a maximum of 2 partners. The EU funding will be allocated on a cost basis, at maximum 50% of the pilot service cost.

Deadline for applications: 15th April 2015.



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