Supporting the GEM Summer Camp




When a cause is close to our heart, we do our best to support it!

On 13th September 2021, Anamaria Magri Pantea offered her time and insights to guide and empower girls to embrace their digital and entrepreneurial potential. This was part of the summer camp organised by the University of Malta in the context of the GEM project.  This is a European Union co-funded pilot project aiming to increase girls’ interest in STEM and ICT subjects and careers.

The girls participated in teams in activities linked to real life problems in which they applied their knowledge of different STEM areas and learnt new concepts in a hands-on, collaborative environment. The summer camp also included meeting and working with women involved in entrepreneurial and STEM-related careers, like Anamaria. Her sessions with the girls were focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly on helping the girls to identify their particular characteristics, skills, passions, and see how these could serve them in pursuing their dream careers. Through practical examples of women tech entrepreneurs, the girls were also encouraged to map out the key competencies and personality characteristics of an entrepreneur. These were then further compared to the EntreComp framework for entrepreneurial competences.

Should other education and training organisations be interested to provide their students with special workshops and other innovative sessions of hands-on induction in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, contact us. We will be happy to devise a programme tailored to your specific requirements!

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