February 12, 2014

Innovation management

Guiding and supporting organisations in:

  • Devising an innovation strategy aligned with their objectives, capabilities and priorities,
  • Creating a framework for and implementing an innovation-conducive internal environment and a structured process for stimulating ideation and facilitating its translation into viable new products, services, processes, designs, etc.
  • Kick-starting the internal innovation process by providing, coaching and assisting internal teams in the use of various concepts and methodologies towards

    – ideas generation, evaluation and exploration,

    – the validation of new concepts,

    – development of exploitation strategies for R&D and innovation results,

    – business model structuring and business planning,

    – go to market preparation and tactics.

  • Structuring corporate governance models that incentivise intrapreneurship and development of spin-off ventures;
  • Devising and/or engaging in collaborative projects with various stakeholder across businesses, academia, research, policy-makers and implementers, NGOs, and managing the systematic involvement in such initiatives.

Our innovation management advisory services are delivered in various formats:

  • presentations and talks in public conferences and seminars,
  • corporate workshops tailored to the specifics of the client and the industry sector it is part of,
  • longer term in-house consulting engagements.

For a practical example of our work in this area, please also see here.

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