ResInfra@DR reviewer

Very glad to be listed on the ResInfra@DR Registry of Research Infrastructure Reviewers!

This registry of competent and qualified reviewers for Research Infrastructure (RI) evaluation was developed by the ResInfra@DR project to contribute to the efforts for establishing new research infrastructures and upgrading the existing ones in the Danube macro-region. The ResInfra@DR Registry contains information about reviewers with the knowledge, experience and ability to conduct ex-ante assessments of upcoming and/or planned RIs; to participate in the work on the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures; or to be included in any other tasks such as monitoring of research infrastructures or assessment of their socio-economic and other impacts. All experts in the registry were approved after a review conducted by a commission. Two rounds of verification and revision of information in the Registry made sure that the Registry provides information, which is reliable and updated.

The Registry is predominantly intended as a practical tool for the authorised personnel of relevant Ministries (Ministries in charge of science, research and technology), science and research funding authorities, and agencies in charge of research infrastructures. The aim is to assist them in their efforts to build up excellent research infrastructure and to support investment decisions.

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