March 15, 2024

Emotional Finance

Emotional Finance is another European Union (EU) co-funded project, under the Erasmus+ Programme, that we are implementing between February 2024 and January 2025.

This project is aimed at improving financial literacy among Gen Z youth (13-25 year old) through increased awareness and application of emotional intelligence concepts. Both by youth themselves, and especially by teachers, trainers, educators and other finance professionals.

Towards this most worthy goal, we work together with two partner organisations – Saffex in Italy and the Universal Interaction Foundation in The Netherlands.

Our ultimate goal dovetails into the general objectives of developing:

  • stronger financial skillsĀ  in young people, particularly those with a background of fewer opportunities. For example, those with migrant backgrounds, from families with low educational attainment or socio-cultural backgrounds of deprivation, early-school leavers, including due to learning problems, such as dyscalculia.
  • better emotional intelligence, digital media and environmental education competences among teachers and trainers. Mainly those involved in financial and economic education in the Vocational and Continuous Education & Training sectors (VET and C-VET), but also other educators, finance and HR professionals who are interested in guiding youth on a good and sustainable financial pathway into the future.

Specifically, we will work towards these objectives by:

  • Development of a pedagogical Toolkit “Financial Literacy for Dummies” consisting of 6 international good practices in financial education, 7 Training Modules, 12 Training Pills for self-learning through social media, and a Guideline on the use of the Toolkit.
  • Implementing a Learning, Teaching & Training Activity with C-/VET teachers to test and evaluate the Toolkit.
  • Piloting of the Toolkit with the youth target group in all the 3 partner countries (Malta, Italy and The Netherlands)
  • Communicating and disseminating the various project activities, findings and results widely through digital and social media, as well as through various events. In this sense, towards the end of the project, we will also organise a final international event in Malta and webinars for out target audiences in Italy and The Netherlands as well.

Therefore, the target audience of this project are not just the Gen Z and their teachers and trainers directly involved in financial education, but also other relevant stakeholders. For example, banking, finance and insurance organisations, pension funds, HR specialists, NGOs, policy-makers in social, youth, finance, education and employment areas. All these may find useful the project results / tools for application to different audiences than Gen Z.

Parents and employers in general would also be targeted and sensitized to the importance of robust financial literacy of youth for a sustainable future for us all.

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