R&I Commercialisation Voucher Programme

The Malta Council for Science and Technology has launched a new Call for applications under the national Research & Innovation funding support programme, particularly the FUSION Commercialisation Voucher Programme.

The Commercialisation Voucher Programme is specifically aimed at supporting the pre and post technology development steps neceessary to be undertaken for improving the overall development and commercialization potential of innovative concepts. The Vouchers are primarily intended to assist prospective applicants of the FUSION Technology Development Programme in order to prepare themselves better in terms of project proposal and concept validation, but it could also assist beneficiaries of previous or current national R&I programmes as well as EU funded projects.

The funding support is provided in a stepped approach, for undertaking the following studies and analyses upon the proposed innovative concept:

  • IP Check
  • Market Research
  • Product Development Costing
  • Economic Impact assessment
  • Risk Profiling.

Once the innovative concept has been technologically developed, or is in the final stages towards this end, three other Vouchers are available to support:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Initial Patent registration
  • Meetings with and pitching to potential investors.

The deadline for submission of applications under the current Call for proposals is 19th June 2017 at noon. Further details and documentation for application are available here.

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