Further 2017 application deadlines for ERDF Grant Schemes for SMEs


With some of the ERDF Schemes for SMEs being administered on the basis of open rolling calls for proposals, further 2017 cut-off dates for submission of applications beyond the next one of 28th April have been announced. These are as follows:

SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme and the SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme

  • 31st May, 30th June, 31st July, 31st August, 29th September, 31st October, 30th November, 29th December 2017

e-Commerce Grant Scheme

  • 30th June, 31st August, 31st October, 29th December 2017

SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme

  • 31st July, 31st October 2017

You can refer to the above embedded links for details on the key terms and conditions applicable to these scheme. For more details and assistance in the application process, please contact us on anamaria@ascendconsulting.eu


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