February 12, 2014

About Ascend Consulting

At Ascend Consulting, we believe in building a long-term partnership
with our clients so as  to provide them with fully-tailored solutions and support from situation analysis up to operational implementation of their project and business plans!

Let’s start with your objectives, needs and challenges…

  • Is your organization interested in and planning to work its way up the value chain?
  • Are you planning investments into a new startup business, in the diversification or innovation of your current activities, products and/or services, in taking your business transactions online or internationalising them?
  • Are you intent on developing international strategic relations to support an improved positioning on your current markets and access to new ones?
  • Are you planning to improve your offering by researching and developing new products, services, solutions? Or maybe by applying new technological and/or business processes, or even new business models?
  • Would you like to harness the innovation potential in your organisation, to create a process to systematically bring out, analyze and build upon new ideas?
  • Do you need assistance in assessing the feasibility of such innovative ideas? In shaping them up as viable product concepts? In developing these further, creating prototypes, testing, validating and demonstrating them, undertaking their scale-up or miniaturization, their piloting and first market replication?
  • Do you need support in developing your business plan for taking your new products and services to the market and commercializing them?
  • Would you like to train your staff in an international context, to expose them to new work practices and new markets?
  • Do you need guidance and hands-on assistance to get access to finance, partners or clients for such initiatives? Or maybe in the preparation of bids in response to calls for proposals or tenders to undertake major projects in a national or international context?
  • Are you making the best out of the EU funding opportunities available for business investments, for research, development and innovation or for education and training related projects?
  • Are you aware of the international donor funding available for initiatives in the Middle East & North Africa, or South and East European regions that present us with such interesting market opportunities?
  • Are you tapping into the EU and international support structures for international collaborative projects that look into finding and applying solutions to current economic, societal and environmental challenges?

Do you want to do these in collaboration with somebody with extensive experience in devising, managing, evaluating and overseeing EU funded projects, in coordinating international competitive processes, in planning and implementing innovative business development initiatives in a European context?

If yes, please refer to the consultancy services section for further details and get in touch for an introductory meeting.

Looking forward to hear from you!


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